How to find a gardener in Lancaster

If you find gardening a tedious task then you might want to consider someone else doing it for you. For example, you can ask a local professional. You want to receive good service and with the help of this article, you will be able to find someone, who can provide you with exactly that.

  • Ask a friend, neighbour or family member. We trust people who are close to us. Therefore, this will be the easiest way. And you will probably feel the most comfortable doing it.
  • Check online. You can simply type in “gardeners lancaster” or “best gardeners in lancaster”. See what other people say online. Check the reviews. Most of the gardening companies have their own websites. There you can find all the information about them and what kind of services they provide.
  • Observations. You might spot local gardeners at work and see the quality of their service for yourself. Speak directly to them or find them online.

Why do you need a gardener? Gardener helps

First of all, think about for what purpose do you require a gardener. Is it for lawn mowing, cutting the hedges or for hard landscaping? There are different types of gardeners and they specialise in different areas of gardening.

What to consider when choosing gardeners

  • Previous projects. Most importantly see the gardens they designed in the past. Nowadays, most gardeners have a website where they post about their businesses and projects. If you find one that suits you, contact them using the online form or give them a call.
  • Reviews. The reviews are important because they tell you about the experiences other people had with the gardener. Even though people leave bad reviews, it does not necessarily mean that the gardener is incompetent. Look through all available reviews and decide for yourself.
  • Price. Setting a price range helps to limit your spendings. If you really like a particular feature or design, you can go beyond the price range. However, make sure that the service you are purchasing is worth it. If still in doubt, then compare the service to other gardening companies and see what they offer.
  • Quote. When you finally made a decision, request a quote and ask the gardeners to have a look at your yard. After assessing the garden, they will give you a more accurate price.

These are just my personal guidelines I use when booking a gardening service. From experience, I can say that you will never find out how good a gardening company is until you see them in action. Therefore, choose wisely, but do not overcomplicate. Here is a gardening service I used before and they also have articles about gardening on their website.