How gardening helps mental health

The topic of mental health arises more and more often. Just look at the diagram below. It shows how frequently the word “mental health” appears in books. There are many ways to deal with psychological stress. Repetitive tasks help to relieve stress. However, in this post, I will be talking about how gardening can help with stress.


It is a common fact that exercise helps to release endorphins and lowers cortisol levels. Therefore, you can think of gardening as exercise. Lifting, raking, digging, weeding and lawn mowing are effective ways to train. You can choose these as a substitute for the gym. I do encourage you to go to the gym and do aerobics, but gardening could be a productive workout also. You will not only do physical exercise but take care of your garden at the same time.


Gardening will require you to go outside more. Sunshine causes our body to release vitamin D. It is needed to maintain strong bones, immune system, muscles need it to contract and neurons to transfer signals. It is natural for people to spend most of their time outside, however, in the modern age, it becomes difficult to do. A lot of people work indoors most of the time. Gardening could be a good reason to stay outdoors and reconnect with nature. Also, it is a good idea to meditate. Especially when you have a garden with lots of greenery in it.


A regular effort is required in order to create a beautiful and flourishing garden. This will help to appreciate what you do and the plants you look after. Even though flowers and shrubs cannot communicate to you, they are living things. Looking after them reminds us to bring love and positivity to this world. For example, this video demonstrates how plants react to bullying and positive comments.


Activities such as gardening help to focus on the present. Concentrating on a particular, whether it is weeding, planting or watering, will make you a more productive person. When you take care of the plants you also become responsible for them. As a by-product, you start becoming more responsible for your own health and wellbeing.