Garden basics

If you are considering starting gardening, then I would like to present this list of tips and ideas that will help you. When I started, ages ago, there was not as much help as there is now. There were gardening magazines. Now on the Internet information is abundant not only about gardening, but about anything.

Grow the plants you like

Some flowers or vegetables are more difficult to grow than others. If you want to grow vegetables, experts suggest starting with garlic and onions, because they are the easiest to grow. They say that nigella and aquilegia are the easiest flowers to look after. Nevertheless, grow and plant flowers, fruits, trees and vegetables that you like, despite what everyone says. Most people do gardening as a hobby; therefore, you are more likely to stick with it if you enjoy doing it.

Choose a good soil

The soil you choose will depend on where you live, weather conditions and plants. Some potting mixes are more fertilised than others. Do your research before buying soil for your plants. Also, this guide on how to choose plant-soil will be helpful.


Weeds are quite annoying, and every gardener needs to deal with them. Do not neglect the garden and wait until the weeds grow all over your crops or flowers. Instead, remove weeds even if there are not many of them, but do it regularly. Do not view it as a chore, but as part of the process and think how beautiful the garden will look like.


This is important at the early stages of plant growth when the seeds have not germinated yet. Early on some plants look similar and labelling makes it easier to distinguish between them.

Space out the plants

plants in containers

Leave enough space between the plants. The root system will expand and take up more space. Then the plants will start competing for space and resources with each other and some of them may die. I highly recommend preventing this by planting them away from each other. Information about this can usually be found on the plant label.

Make a design

Think through what you would like to have in your garden. Consider how much space you have. Drawing a plan for your future garden is also a good idea. There are online apps like this one that can help you to draw a garden plan.

Garden equipment

If you are just starting then you definitely do not need a lot of equipment. I know, that all new tools look bright and fancy, but you do not need them all. Spade, hand trowel and garden fork are more than enough. More often than not you can get away even without a garden fork.


Man watering orange flowers

It will depend on the plant. However, a general rule of thumb is to irrigate the plants thoroughly with sufficient amount of water. Plants develop a shallow root system if they are overwatered. As a result, they will not be able to dig down into the soil and reach water themselves. Also, they will be knocked down by wind more easily.

Starting out without guidance is always difficult. This blog post provides you with a basic idea on how to go about gardening. Growing and taking care of plants is a lovely hobby and it is a good way to get in touch with nature. This post and my entire website aim to make gardening for people as easy as possible.