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Volunteer Mentors are an essential part of the GEO Academy and its educational programs.  Each year we match volunteers with our students to help them succeed in one of their educational projects.  Mentors support students academically, share their professional experiences and work with students on real world projects. We expect our mentors to work with students for a minimum of one semester and meet with them weekly. Each mentor will work with 1-4 students. We encourage college students and professionals to volunteer with our students. Mentors shape our students in many positive ways. Our volunteers are always appreciated, have opportunities to build skills or apply their expertise and work with youth on meaningful projects.  If you would like to be a volunteer mentor for one of the following student projects, please email or call us.

Youth Salsa Business:  Mentors are needed to partner with students to help run their business.  Youth work in four teams: sales, marketing, operations, and finance.  Teams work on improving sales at the Sacramento Co-op and farmers’ markets, do accounting on Quickbooks, develop marketing materials and organize the holiday gift basket sales.

Environmental Design:  Each year students work on a design project to beautify their campus and the community.  We need mentors with knowledge in computer aided drafting (CAD), landscape architecture, land development or city planning experience to work with our youth on this project.

Garden- Based Learning:  Our science classes integrate the garden with hands-on labs that teach about ecology, nutrient cycling, scientific classification, plant propagation, nutrition and gardening.  We need mentors for our classes to teach these lessons in the garden with a group of 6-8 students.  If you like science and gardening, this is a perfect way to share your interest with youth.

Cooking Classes:  Our biology and health classes learn about nutritious eating by cooking food from the garden.  Each semester we need 4 mentors to work with a small group of 4-6 youth while they learn how to cook healthy, garden grown meals.  This is an excellent way to share your passion for cooking and healthy living with the next generation.

Kid Garden Mentoring:  Each year our students lead a year long mentoring project for 4th-6th graders and teach them about science, gardening, nutrition, and cooking.  Adult mentors support the youth by helping them to learn how to organize and lead activities.