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Student-Run Business

About The Student-Run Business

GEO students gain skills and learn about responsibility and the world beyond their neighborhood by operating a salsa business.

GEO students have a unique opportunity to learn by doing the many jobs needed to run a business. Their classroom is transformed into a mini-company headquarters as the sales team organizes classmates to sell at the farmer's market and checks stock levels at local grocery stores. The marketing team conducts surveys and designs advertising materials, while the finance team members prepare deposits and use QuickBooks, and the operations group does inventory and procures items needed for product demos.

Students developed their unique Traditional Salsa and Spicy Peach Salsa recipes in 1999 with the help a food scientist. Through partnerships with generous local businesses, Rominger Farms, Campbells and Sonoma Gourmet, students procure locally-grown organic tomatoes and take field trips to watch as their product goes from seed to harvest, to being diced and packed into drums, then cooked and bottled and shipped to their warehouse.

Other local business and organizational partners have opened their doors to the students, giving them the chance to pitch their products and learn about the work of their counterparts in sales, marketing, operations and finance in other settings. Each school year's group decides on how to use profits. Field trips are usually the choice.