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Salsa Business

Eat from the Garden is a salsa business project run by the G.E.O. youth. Our product name originates from The Garden of Ethnic American Treasures where the students began a school and community garden. Our products include a Traditional Salsa and a Spicy Peach Salsa,  Our products require quantities of produce that surpass our garden's capacity so we partner with local farmers to grow our tomatoes and herbs.  Youth learn about sustainable agriculture and business by visiting the organic farms, bottling company, and selling at local farmers’ markets. All proceeds from our products go directly towards the garden project, youth scholarships and educational field trips. 

Our salsa products can be purchased at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op,  Davis Farmers’ Market,  Del Paso Heights Farmers’ Market, and our school campus.  Youth also sell their product at local agencies and businesses during their community presentations.

Booth at the Farmers' Market