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Landscape and Environmental Design

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Landscape and Environmental Design

Landscape and Environmental Design

The design and planning of our communities makes a significant difference in the lives of people and the sustainability of our planet.  This course in Landscape and Environmental Design provides students an excellent introduction to the fields of landscape architecture, environmental design, city planning, and restoration.  Students will learn that landscape and environmental design projects range from community parks to the front and backyards of homes, from river habitat restoration to planning at the city scale.  Students will develop an awareness of the interactive relationship between humans and how they shape their environment. They will also gain an appreciation for the historical and cultural traditions that are reflected in


landscape architectural designs.  Instruction will be given in the following areas:  elements of design, the history of landscape architecture, plant identification, design research, technical drafting, sketching, color rendering and computer aided design. Landscape and Environmental Design is a course in which the students will express themselves visually and showcase their creativityThey will explore future careers such as landscape architecture, environmental design, and city planning and engineering.  Students will also utilize their knowledge and skills in a real world design project to beautify their school and community working in partnership with college students in UC Davis’ Landscape Architecture department.