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Landscape and Environmental Design

Video and Slide Show

Environmental Design

A Vision for the Growth and Beautification of the GHS Campus.

In Spring of 2008, students enrolled in Grant High School’s Landscape and Environmental Design class partnered with UC Davis students in a landscape architecture studio to develop a collaborative design project. UC Davis professor, Patsy Eubanks Owens, and Grant High School teacher, Daniela Tavares, brought together their mutual desires to provide a real-world experience for their students to develop ideas for improving the outdoor areas at Grant High School.  

This project began with the idea that Grant High School students and UC Davis students could learn from each other while developing their design skills.  Students learned participatory design skills such as interviewing, facilitating workshops and conducting meetings, that they could use in their careers to gather information from the public to inform their designs would be the focus of their design studio effort. The Grant High students greatly benefited from the project


by working with the experienced college students as well as exposing them to the possibilities of higher education and career in landscape architecture.

Faculty, staff, students and maintenance from the high school were all involved in the initial design research process in order to represent and engage the population as a whole.  In addition to a series of design workshops, a photo survey was administered to facilitate a better understanding of the school community.   From these surveys, the high school students and UCD students developed CAD designs and colored renderings of both the West and Main campuses. These designs are viewable on the accompanying slide show. 

Each year the students and staff hope to implement specific designs each year to beautify the campus. We are currently seeking business and community partners that want to help make this project a reality.