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Academic Program

Course Sequence

Landscape and Environmental Design

Environmental Horticulture

Environmental Science


Course Sequence

GEO Environmental Science and Design Academy Course Sequences

Academy students take 3 academic core classes and their career elective course together with their grade-level cohort.  By working as a small learning community, teachers can provide extra academic support to students, conduct cross-curricular projects and promote a sense of community among students.  The real world based projects are designed for students to see how their academic skills and knowledge are relevant and meaningful outside the classroom.

10th Grade


11th Grade


12th Grade

Geometry or Algebra
Foreign Language
Health: Nutritious cooking  in the Garden Café cooking classroom


Algebra II or
Foreign Language


Calculus or Algebra II
Fine Arts






World History
Environmental Horticulture (UC Elective Credit)


US History
Landscape Architecture
UC Elective Credit


Internship 1st Semester / US Government 2nd Semester
AP Environmental Science

Real World Projects


Real World Projects


Real World Projects

School Garden and
Habitat Restoration Project

Real Design Projects, ie. the school campus, parks, gardens, restoration projects, urban spaces

Student-run  Salsa Business
Environmental Monitoring; Forestry Challenge Competition