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Academic Program

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Our mission is to teach youth how to create healthy, sustainable communities.  We engage students in unique and challenging educational opportunities that foster a sense of community and environmental stewardship.

The academy provides strong academic training and real world based projects that deepen students’ appreciation of our environment and its natural resources.  It prepares students for careers that will shape the planning of our environment and communities.

The GEO Academy offers 9th-12th grade students outdoor learning and hands-on experiences in environmental horticulture, landscape architectural design, habitat restoration, “green” business, and environmental science monitoring. 

These projects are intended to allow students to apply their academic knowledge to the real world, develop their critical thinking skills through inquiry-based research, and contribute to their community in meaningful and valuable ways.  The academy’s curriculum and internships prepare all students to be qualified for higher education.

The GEO Academy is funded and evaluated by the California State Department of Education’s Partnership Academies Program.