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Grant Union High School
1221 South Avenue,
Sacramento, CA. 95838

The GEO Environmental Science and Design Academy provides strong academic coursework and real world based projects that deepen students’ appreciation of our environment and its natural resources. Students gain the knowledge and skills to actively improve their community and protect the environment. The GEO Academy curriculum prepares students for entrance into four year universities and green collar careers in the following pathways: Environmental Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Design, Community Nutrition and Green Business.

The GEO Academy’s curriculum and activities are guided by the following principles that foster environmental awareness and community responsibility.

  • Across the curriculum, students explore the connections between their food, health and the environment
  • In all core classes students learn to understand key ecological concepts that are the foundation of natural, sustainable ecosystem
  • Students are encouraged to analyze environmental problems and solutions in order to make informed, responsible decisions.
  • Students are provided opportunities to experience the practical applications of theories and concepts through hands-on activities.
  • Instruction integrates real world projects that provide students authentic, meaningful learning experiences
  • Real world projects improve the community’s health and/or environment
  • Students work with adult mentors from the community, university and/or professional world in their real world projects
  • Outdoor learning and nature experiences are an essential component of the curriculum.


October 23rd - Community Beautification Work Day 9-12

September 29 - Green Careers, Certificates and Colleges Field Trip SMUD

Oct 1 - Student Salsa Bottling Field Trip Sonoma Gourmet

October 28-29 - CALPOLY Landscape Architecture and Engineering Field Trip

November 1st - UC Davis Environmental Design Department and Conservation Biology Field Trip

SLEWS Habitat Restoration Project Field Trips:
Oct. 26, December 9 , February 1, March 3

FARMS Leadership Field Trips:
October 19, November 16, December 7

Student Salsa Sales Events:
Oct 2: Sacramento Food Co-op
Oct 9: Davis Farmers’ Market
October 23rd: Taylor’s Market
October 30th: Davis Farmers’ Market

EAT From the Garden Cooking Classes:
October: Fajitas and Fresh Salsa, Garden Fried Rice, Veggie Quesadillas, and Chow Mein

Saturday October 23 – Community Cooking Class 10-1